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The Positician Training Institute is located in Minneapolis, Minnesota.
Classes and locations can be catered to your needs.
Contact us for details!

Positician Training Classes
Enhance your ability to support yourself and the people you care about
through life’s difficult moments.

Level One
curriculum is a six-part series designed to develop your ability to see situations from many perspectives. It begins with understanding your own motives, what drives you to relate to the world as you do. Then, from the comfort of your own perspective, you’ll learn how to step into someone else’s shoes, open your heart to other points of views, and align your emotions with someone else’s, even when they differ from your own.
You’ll find these skills invaluable in the home and the workplace. Giving people more of what they want often results in you getting more of what you want. Life becomes a win-win situation!

Level One
graduates proudly call themselves Positicians, and find themselves practicing these principles of confidentiality and unconditional acceptance as a lifestyle. This enhances not only your personal lives, but also your professional lives. Most professions involve contact with others – wouldn’t you prefer knowing your stylist, therapist, doctor, sales clerk, your child’s teacher, even your electrician was a Positician? A guaranteed pleasant experience, and one that can be trusted to be honored with confidentiality.

Level One fee is $360

Level Two curriculum is an additional six-part series which teaches you to listen not only to your own heart, but to reach out to others with your positicianing abilities. These sessions go into a deeper understanding of leading by example, empathy and compassion, hospitality of the heart, and striving to find the good within any situation.


Level Two graduates receive a Positician logo pin which identifies them as a Positician to other positicians. "Pinned" Positicians can expect to open the doors to a new level of professionalism. You will be the preferred stylist, therapist, doctor, sales clerk, teacher -- the one that can be trusted with confidentiality. Whether you hold listening sessions with friends, or become the staff member that everyone goes to for a lift – every corporation needs a Positician on the premises!

Level Two fee is $360

Completing Level Two is the first step to qualifying as a registered Positician Coach and Trainer.

Positician Coach Training is based on individual progress. After completing Positician Training Level One and Level Two, you will meet with an advisor to determine your next course of action.

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