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Coaching by phone available worldwide.
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What happens in a Positician listening session? 

Listening, with three vital commitments:

  1. Confidentiality – whatever is said or heard will not leave that space;
  2. Unconditional acceptance – the story is heard as information, free of judgments;
  3. Compassion – the story is honored and heard from the speaker’s perspective.

The speaker speaks without interruption; the listener listens without trying to “fix” them: no advice-giving, no direct desire to change them. The listener’s intention is to align with the emotional perspective of the speaker.

These conditions allow a flow of honest speech, as the speaker's words and feelings are respected, accepted, and acknowledged. A broader understanding of the situation emerges. 

What happens in a Positician Coaching session? 

The coach joins you on your journey through alternate perspectives, sharing other points of view and shedding light on the hidden good. 

What results can people expect from a coaching session?

You can expect to feel your burden lifted. You’ll see things from a new perspective, and appreciate your own. Some situations can’t be fixed, but we find joy in the most unsuspecting places. And eventually, you may even wake up with a bounce in your step! 

How does Positician Coaching differ from traditional therapy or counseling?

Traditional therapy is based on applying a set of scientifically proven theories and solutions to circumstances being discussed by a patient. I wholeheartedly support this process. However, this is not the role of a Positician.

A Positician simply encourages you to broaden your perspectives and look for a light in the tunnel. Insight is based on the listener’s personal experience as they put themselves in the speaker’s shoes. This makes the Positician opportunity available to all people, anytime, anywhere.

How much does a coaching session cost?

Fees begin at a dollar per minute by phone. Fees vary according to location and length of service. Please contact us for details.

How did you come up with the concept of  Positician listening?

I’ve been a hospice volunteer for 12 years. As a visitor to this end-of-life experience, I cannot offer any advice or solutions because there are none. I simply listen to stories, acknowledge emotions, and witness the joy of being heard – it’s as if my listening validates their lives.

One day it occurred to me that people shouldn’t have to be terminal to be heard… and the intention for the Positician Training Institute was born: Teaching others how to listen with unconditional acceptance. Instead of listening for what we can fix, we listen for the silver lining.

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